Biopac MP

The biopac system is a computer-based acquisition system for life science research and education. With data acquisition unit(MP150 or MP100), which takes incoming signals and converts them into digital signals, amplifiers, electrodes and cables, most of the physical signal can be collected such as ECG,EDA,EMG,EOG,etc, it can also record other types of signals, such audio signal, using interface modules. If you wanted, you can Acq software for displaying signals on the screen and some basic analysis. The MP unit takes incoming signals and converts them into digital signals that can be processed with the computer. The MP150 high-speed data acquisition system utilizes the very latest in Ethernet technology. The MP150 is compliant with any Ethernet (UDP) ready PC running Windows or Macintosh. This next generation product takes full advantage of cutting edge technology. Access multiple MP150 devices located on a local area network and record data to any computer connected to the same LAN. Record multiple channels with variable sample rates to maximize storage efficiency. Record at speeds up to 400 kHz (aggregate).