Name:Ying Cai

Personal Statement
I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Center for Brain and Learning Sciences (CBLS), the State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning IDG/McGovern Institute for Brain Research at Beijing Normal University.
Exploring the nature of human intelligence and finding efficient ways to enhance it is one of key issues in psychological science. My research interests focus on the cognitive and neural mechanisms of visual working memory (VWM), with final goals to understand the individual differences on VWM capacity and to explore efficient ways that improve VWM performance.Currently, I am fascinated by the following three questions:
(1) To successfully remember visual materials, how does bottom-up stimuli driven process (e.g. visual representation of images) efficiently interact with top-down control system (e.g. attention control and context-binding). Particularly when and how context-binding process and attention control for task-irrelevant information affect the neural representations of targeted visual images.
(2) Memory load effect is well-established in VWM, however, it is not clear whether simultaneously increased cognitive load, such as inter-item representation interference, context mis-binding and attention collapse, plays a role in explaining this effect. Let alone, when and how these cognitive processes limit VWM performance are far from conclusion.
(3) Working memory capacity has large variation and predicts fluid intelligence on individual level, therefore it is most important to learn how to improve VWM fundamentally (instead of exploiting memory strategies). For which I am interested in developing noninvasive brain stimulation protocol as well as well-designed cognitive training system.
As a student in normal university, I am also interested in how to improving the teaching technology in neuroscience. To be a good teacher as well as a good researcher is always my dream. Outside the lab, I enjoy Chinese paintings and yoga practice.

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Conference Presentations
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