Name:Xiaojing Peng
Email:       A853898293@163.com
I am a graduate student in the National Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning, Beijing Normal Univeristy. Before, I have used questionnaires and applied some analytic methods simply (e.g., structural equation modelling, psychological network analysis, and behavior based meta-analysis) to describe and explain some phenomena of children's sleep problems. Now, I am interested in episodic memory (e.g., the replay of sequential non-spatial episodic memory), and I think the technology of cognitive neuroscience (e.g., fMRI and EEG) could help the better understanding of the mechanism underlying it. Therefore I am taking effort on the mastering of the relative background knowledge. When not doing science, I spend most of my time on Chinese comics and Cantonese songs, as well as proses and sports.